Preparations for EquiDay 2018

Some time ago, insisted on the facebook page the news that Swid'art on Equiday 2018 will be placed.
Meanwhile several preparations underway on all social channels. There are advertisements disseminated marketplace and are actively shared on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook one LinkedIn. And with Result! Within a week the first question and a nice command entered! A man wanted to be 2 have children portrait. After some pictures to share with each other, The deposit amount was from 30 euro paid and I could start. Two beautiful drawings were completed and the man had left a lovely review on Google Swid'art behind. This is where you do it for; give sincere passion and get back! It may be that there will soon share more ads on social media channels appear Swid'art.

In addition, also all put in motion pretty to present the state of Swid'art on Equiday. How better, then with some nice eye-catchers! Our horse Cheana made a beautiful abstract and modern painting, with accessible colors. It literally can be combined with almost any room decor. Power is ordered, for display and possible exposure of what works. In short; all for a good presentation is put in motion, because Swid'art will pop in 2018!

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