Cooking show make mural in Meerkerk

a pair of recently Meerkerk of kitchen mural let make at Swid'art. an abstract, tight yet playful appearance is put away in the kitchen. It had to be an Amsterdam theme and is speared with multiple vanishing points and color contrasts. This creates a beautiful and stylish look in the kitchen! We worked with brushes Liquitex, Amsterdam paint acrylics and Windsor & Newton up happy concrete, without templates. This went smoothly put. The idea that week on the design; it had to be placed in a corner. It created a nice playground for perspective. From the dining table you can see how that looks in the canals of Amsterdam! The perspective and the outlines were quite a challenge, but the end result is; a beautiful appearance!

Cooking show make mural in Meerkerk
Cooking show make mural in Meerkerk
Kitchen mural perspective
Kitchen mural perspective

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