Expositie in café Stroop Bosschenhoofd

After a reasonable silence, there is something to report yet.
It was there ever come a time; an exhibition!
The weeks of silence explain everything, Since I was approached to be allowed to exhibit in cafe Syrup.
I'm like crazy to produce and there is every effort into making something beautiful out of it.
Whoever comes is welcome and will work from Sunday 10 november om 13.00u appearing.
It plays in the course of the day from 16.00h or a band, So it is not all equally easy to see.
If the date is not true, there is no need; work remains 2 hang months.

Where is the?

Café Eeterij Pension Stroop
Pastor of Breugelstraat 23
4744 RA Bosschenhoofd

See you soon!

Yours sincerely,

Yvo Swider

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