Take all charcoal and ink portraits 25% discount!

Yes, you read that right, upcoming 20 november t/m 22 december Swid'art has a special offer for you. If you are looking for a beautiful and original gift for the busy month of December, no worries! Indicate Swid'art by what you want and it is so chirp.

from 20 November / December you'll get m 25% discount on the entire range of drawings in charcoal. This may be portraits, or anything else you want to give to someone else or to yourself.
This is the case during this period for all the drawn in ink or charcoal and framed is, on A4 or A3 size.

Obviously, the drawings are provided with list and the prices are exclusive of VAT, the quality and passion that you expect from Swid'art.

Still better is if you share this page on any social media. Swid'art maintains a counter and creates a random selection on Friday 22 December. Are you happy? You win a voucher t.w.v. €75,=!!

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