Mural nursery in The Woods, Oosterhout.

A mural show at making Swid'art, is always the cheapest option! Recently, another beautiful nursery mural released. This time two pieces for a family in Den Hout near Oosterhout. The parents of the family wanted to have a nice Jip and Janneke mural for the nursery. We worked with brushes and paint Amsterdam Liquitex acrylics on smooth concrete, without templates. This went smoothly put. After the idea of ​​the mural in Oosterhout was clear, appeared at the location that the setting in terms of composition still was not quite the best choice. This is adapted locally and with the projector, the composition was changed rapidly as desired. The outlines were so put, whereupon coloring was a breeze. Simple, but still fun for a kid. The clean lines were some pieces still quite a challenge to keep tight without template. But, with a steady hand, you soon halfway. The result is there are. It was for the new parents also turn out as!

Mural nursery
Mural nursery

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