Art portfolio,de

Since the start of Swid'art in 2013, has in recent times a lot of beautiful things came past in terms of work. It started as a joke on Facebook and resulted in a small one-man business that started with charcoal portraits and graphic design. As a follow, soon came the first paintings were, art fairs and exhibitions. This was achieved in such good, which soon the subject of murals during exhibitions’ came up. so said, done so and so is everything since been like one big snowball. If you are looking back on that period anyway summarized below the most completed pieces.

It is a selection of the finest murals, paintings and portraits. And the list of satisfied customers is growing… At Swid'art you can make a mural custom, but also for a portrait, painting or pen drawing you can contact Swid'art. There is a wide range of what I can in terms of genre and technique, think about;

  • to paint a mural garage
  • make a charcoal portrait
  • make a Mural
  • Mural nursery
  • Mural children,,nl,Permanent Link to Mural nursery,,nl
  • Mural teen room
  • Mural bedroom
  • Office mural
  • Kitchen mural
  • Mural poem
  • A Children's Portrait, or Funeral portrait