garage painting, or to paint a garage

A garage door painting, or a garage to paint at Swid'art. That is the question if you are looking for something original. What makes Swid'art, guarantees appearance! . Here is an example of both an inner, as an exterior of a garage in Tilburg. The outside of the garages of the neighbors was under ugly epithets. To prevent this, the people of this door Swid'art had hired a mural on the outside. We worked with templates for the background, Montana spray cans and molotow. The human forms are made without template. The appearance is given a free hand to Swid'art. striking, stylish and original. The colors were all from a distance. The inside was to consist of a greyhound dog in contemporary art. A beautiful color palette with style also came inside the door. For both a mural, as a garage painting, you are at home Swid'art!

Garage mural Tilburg
The entire mural on the exterior of the garage, is even visible from the street.
The inside of a garage to paint by Swid'art

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