A mural and wall decorations

You want a nice wall decoration, but do not really know where to start. On the one hand you want to make himself may, maybe that photo framed, or a wall painting on canvas… Wat dacht u van een mural?! but you soon find yourself chores too much hassle? Geen probleem! You can contact your Swid'art wall decoration let make. This is possible from €150,= (excl. travel expenses). A wall decoration is handmade by me and gives a unique look to your example, living or working space. Based on your needs a suitable concept is the wall decoration drafted. Everything can then be tailored to your needs and your interior. The colours, or if you choose a painting any frame. I can also visit you in advance, to look together to the opportunities. So you are guaranteed to make a mural that is unique and fits what you like. One thing is certain: You will never see the mural a second time. A mural them made by Swid'art, guarantees a mural class. Interest? Contact us via the form below, I'll be happy!

A mural created by Swid'art, hoe gaat dat in zijn werk?


Painting is my hobby. Following painting drawing as a hobby, I am approached by others to create paintings. This has become creating murals, but also abstract paintings, birth signs and you can have murals by me outside. A wall decoration, make large or small takes on average 1 day. This depends on the dimension, surfaces and details of the painting. It should be considered whether it is a portrait drawing, a painting, or a mural. My method is characterized by:

  • I personally come by to discuss the mural and create custom fit for your device.
  • I am relatively quickly ready, often within a day already.
  • I work from pure passion and involve my clients in person as much as possible with the process; each step they get to see until the end result.
  • I leave no mess behind and work clean; , So no mess afterwards, as I that self cleanup and possibly drain.
  • The paint is odorless, so after putting the mural that evening can be slept in the room.
  • My prices are always competitively priced; Everything always includes the cost of materials.
  • Interesting for entrepreneurs; My prices are also deductible VAT.
  • I have a lot of experience in creating art and decoration, by painter- and sketching techniques. Whether you are a nursery, teen room, living room, workspace or want to decorate; Swid'art when you are at the right place!

Swid'art strives for sustainable quality. Ik werk daarom uitsluitend op glasvezelbehang, glad gestucte muren, glad concrete, or a smooth brick wall. The smoother and cleaner wall, the better the result.
Therefore, it is important that the wall in question (reasonable) clean and dry.


Basically almost everything possible to make the wall. It is important to have clear idea on paper, what you want painted on the wall. Dat kan van alles zijn, as a picture of trees, of stars, your hobby, but also a nice wall text. For Baby- or children are images is a playful and magical look very nice. If you want a stylish painting in a different style, or just a nice charcoal portrait of a loved one? When you do have a suitable idea, I can make a free quotation for you. To post are not in any case be confronted with surprises. A small let make wall decoration is possible from € 150,- including VAT. The price depends on the size of the painting, the surface (a smooth wall is finished faster) and the amount of detail.

Here are a few examples of recent work;

The minimum cost of a mural

A mural is al mogelijk vanaf €150! (Excl. travel and parking fee).
Important questions that may determine charges, his o.a.

  • What is the size of the mural that needs to be done?
  • Does the design one color, or should it be more colors?
  • Standing wall within, or outdoors?
  • The wall an issue smooth or granular structure?
  • How complex is the concept?
  • What is the travel time (0,19ct per km)


Want to know more about the possibilities, to make a unique mural for example your room or the nursery?
Please contact form below. You can also directly reach me by phone: 06 – 30580814.


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