let make baby room mural

Recently, a family in Tilburg a let make baby room mural. In style and tailored. Also interested in a mural for the nursery in nearby Tilburg or abroad? This is possible from 150 =!

The result of a mural at a nursery in Tilburg.

It became a spatial, yet playful whole with blue tones and some nice figures. It had to give the appearance angle, but not too busy. To achieve this Swid'art was hired for a painting on the wall in the nursery. It is mainly worked with colors of Amsterdam acrylics and markers Molotow. There is no masking tape used; all forms come out of freehand. The appearance is given a free hand to Swid'art, but there had to be a recognizable image of Super Mario and Casper are present. striking, playful and original. The colors enliven the corner mural gives the nursery character. The results are impressive. A nursery mural in Tilburg, which surely will come!

nursery mural Tilburg
Nursery mural Tilburg

make a mural on the nursery, what and how?

Painting is my hobby. Following painting drawing as a hobby, I am approached by others to create paintings. This has become creating murals, but also abstract paintings, birth signs and other creative expressions. It is also possible to make a mural for outdoor. A muurschildering laten maken takes about 1 day. This depends on the dimension, details and the background of the mural. During that lets you create a mural will be on view through Swid'art:

  • I personally come by to discuss the mural and create customized for your device. I also bring a projector to give a clear picture. While you are going to make a baby room mural possibilities and themes will be discussed by Swid'art.
  • I'm pretty ready quickly, often within a day already.
  • I work from pure passion and involve my clients in person as much as possible with the process; each step they get to see until the end result.
  • I leave no mess behind and work clean; , So no mess afterwards, as I that self cleanup and possibly drain.
  • The paint is odorless, so after putting the mural that evening can be slept in the room.
  • My prices are always competitively priced; Everything always includes the cost of materials.
  • Interesting for entrepreneurs; My prices are also deductible VAT.
  • I have a lot of experience in creating art and decoration, by painter- and sketching techniques. Whether you're a kid, teen room, living room, or want to create workspace mural; Swid'art when you are at the right place!

It is my aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
There have already been beautiful murals by Swid'art completed in the areas of:

  • Oosterhout
  • Etten-leur
  • Tilburg
  • Sliedrecht
  • Rotterdam

And there are many good reviews found.

Also make a baby room mural?

Click on murals in the menu above for more information. Swid'art fact has several styles
how this can be done. A mural can be done completely customized and desired for a nice look at the nursery. Obviously there are many more possible! Knowing more?
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