Swid'art - Murals and art.

Swid'art - Murals and art.

Your address for artistic decorations, murals and portraits of people and animals.

Wat doet Swid'art?

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Wie is Swid’art?
I have a real passion in the creation of decorative art pieces and murals. It began earlier drawing and later painting and graphic design. It created profound hobby, who became later Swid'art ....
Murals provide a unique look to your room or the nursery example. Everything you want to have painted, You can decide. colour, format, image and style are tailored to your needs and interior. Gladly...
Art portfolio,de
Bij Swid'art kun je muurschildering laten maken, but also for a portrait, schilderij of pentekening kun je bij Swid'art terecht. There is a wide range of what I can in terms of genre and technique, think about;...
Here you will find a clear overview of the costs for a portrait, company logo, or mural. For a personalized gift, you pay over € 100, = free shipping!   Portraits (incl. free standard list) You search...

The last news

The latest news and deals.
garage painting, or to paint a garage
A garage door painting, or a garage to paint at Swid'art. That is the question if you are looking for something original. Wat Swid'art maakt,...
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Garage mural Tilburg
Een muurschildering laten maken, or your garage to paint at Swid'art, guarantees appearance! . This time, the exterior of a garage in Tilburg. De...
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Graffiti kids in london
You have ideas for fun kids, in which originality is central? Geen probleem! U kunt bij Swid'art ook terecht voor een Graffiti kinderfeest. Het is...
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Mural nursery in The Woods, Oosterhout.
A mural show at making Swid'art, is always the cheapest option! Recently there has again released a beautiful baby room mural. This time two pieces for a family ...
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bedroom murals
People who make their mural at Swid'art, are at the right place! Recently, again released a few nice bedroom murals. This time two ...
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Preparations for EquiDay 2018
Some time ago, insisted on the facebook page the news that Swid'art on Equiday 2018 will be placed. Meanwhile, there are several preparations to ...
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Take all charcoal and ink portraits 25% discount!
Yes, you read that right, upcoming 20 november t/m 22 December Swid'art has a special offer for you. If you have a beautiful and original gift ...
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A nice week of production and SEO Techniques,,nl,address,,pl.
Some time ago a like-share-win action on social media ... Deze werd gewonnen door Jeanette Bierkens. Een mooi portret was geboren! Made in charcoal and ...
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